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In foreign trade export business, packaging is a very important part, and packaging quality directly affects product quality, sales, and end-user satisfaction. The significance of foreign trade export packaging lies in:

Protect the product from damage

Packaging can prevent damage to products caused by external impacts, vibrations, moisture, and noise during transportation and storage

Meet transportation requirements

The packaging should comply with international transportation standards to ensure the safety of the product during global transportation

Enhance brand image

3.Exquisite packaging can enhance a company's brand image and product value, attracting more potential customers


Plywood boxes

Choosing the suitable size and right wood material are one of the keys to packaging.

the Plywood  wil be used which has good strength and toughness to ensure that the boxes and cases will not be damaged  during transportation.



All the plywood boxes will be filled with foam which is enviroment frieandly materialsto avoid any damages during transportation.




Before sealing the case,we cover it with waterproof material so that the parts are dry and will not be corroded during transportation.


Shipping mark & code

The shipping mark & code are an important information,we put company information,Product name, quantity, weight and so on,in order to facilitate customs declaration.



After packing and checking,we have a professional local logistics to help us deliver the goods to the designation